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The Kittitas Reclamation District is committed to making sure that the water we provide to our users for irrigation and to the streams as part of our supplementation activities meets State and Federal standards.

The majority of this surface water sampling is done through our cooperative group called the Kittitas County Water Purveyors. Testing is completed in our Washington State Department of Ecology accredited lab at the KRD.

Please contact us for specific questions about irrigation water quality.  The Washington State Department of Ecology also has good information available online to share.


The aquatic herbicides Copper Sulfate and Endothall are used under the NPDES permit #WAG-991004 within the Kittitas Reclamation District's canals and laterals to control aquatic weeds that restrict the flow and deliveries of water.  The District treats from May through September approximately every three weeks. Copper Sulfate is used throughout the system where there are algae problems.  Endothall is used the Turbine, Gravity, and Taneum Ditches.


The District has a list of control points that are dewatered during treatments to keep herbicides from reaching natural waterbodies and landowner ponds. If you are using KRD water to supply a pond that has fish, or if there is any other reason your deliveries should be suspended during treatments, notify the KRD. 


Questions about this project should be made to Kittitas Reclamation District, Roger Satnik (509) 925-6158; or Washington Department of Ecology Central Regional Office, 15 W Yakima Ave, Union Gap, WA, United States, Washington, (509) 575-2490.

Badger Pocket Algae Treatment 5-23-2024

The KRD will be treating the Pump, Gravity, and Turbine Ditches with copper sulfate to control algae on Thursday, May 23, 2024.

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