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 Yakima Basin Integrated Plan


A 30 year vision to:

  • Restore salmon and steelhead populations from under about 25,000 today to 300,000 by improving fish passage into the Yakima Basin’s headwaters and restoring river and stream habitat

  • Conserve up to 170,000 acre feet of water through irrigation system upgrades

  • Institute a robust water market during drought years to equitably move water from low to high value uses

  • Enhance water storage to make up for a declining snowpack due to climate change, beginning with a small pool raise at Cle Elum Reservoir and the installation of a drought year pump to access more stored water in Kachess Reservoir

  • Protect 70,000 acres of private land, including over 50,000 acres in the Teanaway River watershed that were acquired by the State of Washington as the first major action under the Yakima Plan in 2013

  • Enhanced protection for over 160,000 acres of federal land and about 200 miles of new Wild and Scenic rivers, starting with Wild and Scenic designation of the upper Cle Elum River system.
















For more information on the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan check out their website at: 


or contact these partners:


Washington State Department of Ecology:

United States Bureau of Reclamation: 

CPN Region YRBWEP Integrated Plan | Bureau of Reclamation (


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